Financial Literacy – Effect of Demonetization

There are thousands of articles written on effect of demonetization. Also authors/writers/columnists have stated various effects ranging from terrorism to black money to Pakistan. Many people have also written on ill-effects of demonetization. I am not countering any of these points but I also think we are not considering the big picture over here: Financial… Read More »

Indian Retail Industry – Blog

In recent years, Indian Retail industry has emerged as one of the most fast-paced industry. Currently, it accounts for over 10 percent of GDP and also employs around 8 percent of the population. From Retail industry perspective, India is the fifth-largest global destination. Market Size According to the BCG report, India is expected to reach… Read More »

Financial Inclusion

Currently in India, one of the hottest topics is Financial Inclusion. In recent times, Government took various steps for financial inclusion and RBI is also playing its part for the same. Debate on financial inclusion is not new, for the first time it started in India in 2005 when the then Governor of RBI Y.… Read More »

Make in India

In my previous article, I mentioned about ‘Make in India’ initiative will come into play to curb costs of transducers which will be used in Ganga clean-up initiative. So ‘Make in India’ is NDA Government’s flagship campaign intended to boost manufacturing industry in India and attract Foreign Investors. Currently, manufacturing industry contributes just over 15%… Read More »

Namami Gange

This Government is very much enthusiastic related to cleaning Ganga River. In 2014, when new Government got elected they set up different ministry to look after this project. Government is also roping in other countries for dual purpose, one is investments and other purpose is technology. Countries like Germany and Israel have already pledged that… Read More »