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Industrializing Agriculture

Agriculture is one of those activities that is uniformly affecting everyone. The producer takes the risk of production and shortage means we pay more. A balanced sustainable approach to agriculture is the need of the day. Our discussion has been limited to certain aspects and we intend to have a far more comprehensive discussion in… Read More »

Financial Literacy – Effect of Demonetization

There are thousands of articles written on effect of demonetization. Also authors/writers/columnists have stated various effects ranging from terrorism to black money to Pakistan. Many people have also written on ill-effects of demonetization. I am not countering any of these points but I also think we are not considering the big picture over here: Financial… Read More »

Indian Retail Industry – Blog

In recent years, Indian Retail industry has emerged as one of the most fast-paced industry. Currently, it accounts for over 10 percent of GDP and also employs around 8 percent of the population. From Retail industry perspective, India is the fifth-largest global destination. Market Size According to the BCG report, India is expected to reach… Read More »